About G&B Flooring Founded By Emanuel Gastelum

Serving the Phoenix Metro area for over 25 years!

We understand the importance of experience in this industry. Flooring and tile have been in my family for decades. More than thirty years ago my parents, Nicolas and Sofia entered this service industry. Their experience is second to none. They learned every single aspect of tile and how people responded to the little things, as to what details that the customers like and what made them unhappy. They learned how to make sure that all their work went in right the first time, and keep to schedule. When I was young I would constantly ask to accompany them to their jobs to learn about their profession. It is there that I learned everything that there is to know about this trade. All the way from the removing the old floor and keeping the home clean, to the little details on making sure that every step of the way the customer was happy. My parents stressed the importance of doing the job correctly and taking pride in what you do. I told my wonderful parents, on one of those ride alongs when I was younger, one day we will have our company. That youthful wish has come to fruition and now we wholeheartedly service the Valley of the Sun!

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Our Process

Design Your Dream Flooring

Let our experts help you design your dream flooring.

Plan the Features

Pick and choose from many fewatures and considerations we have.

Develop - Let Us Make It Happen

Let us do the work and build your dream flooring.

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Plan Tile Plan
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Tile Installation